Message from the Director of Operations & Marketing

Being a member of the Board of Directors of the prestigious Rice International Private Limited has enabled me to provide my expertise in the business. Having completed my bachelor's degree in Business Studies always had a dream to help out in running the family business. With a will to succeed and make the most of our natural goods and skills, it has been a privilege to be one of the decision makers in the fate of Rice International's journey.

Bound to our mission of providing cost effective and high standard product, we are frequently facing tough decisions in order to maintain and cultivate the establishment functionality and growth. It is with great pleasure that I communicate on behalf of Rice International and its team when I say that we have anticipated, encountered and dealt with every obstacle, with such strategy that takes us only closer to our vision.

Today, we are proud business dealers and cultivators in the field of Rice and tomorrow, we plan on being even better.

Seemin Kabir

Director of Operations & Marketing
Rice International Limited