Message from the Director of Rice International

Today, Rice International is a leading and progressive rice trading company that has grown incredibly in its relatively short history. As a dynamic and people oriented company, we take pride in serving our business partners, clients, and customers with the highest standards in quality, taste, and price for rice products. Being the owner of Rice International, I wants to share his story of how i started from the bottom to become the head of one of the key rice traders in the global market.

From a ripe age, I started to develop an interest in business and was fascinated with how businesses operate, survive, and sustain their lifecycle. Growing up in Pakistan, I realized that business opportunities were available at large that would not only help the community but the local economy as well.

After completing my high school, I traveled to England to study business management at Hull University. After graduating with a BA (hons) degree, I decided to move to Denmark to study international politics and finance, two subjects that I always had a keen interest in.

Living in Denmark was one of the most resourceful experiences in my life where I believe my perspective and perception matured a lot. After completing the course, I moved back to the UK to complete a postgraduate (MSC) degree in Management for Entrepreneurs, where I got to learn more about how the global finance works in relation to local economy.

To everyone's surprise, in less than a year of inception, Rice International became a large scale business, excelling in rice production, processing, and trading. It is the quality control aspects of Rice International that have made it such a huge success among local and international customers. One notion that I always had faith in was:

" "If it is something I would buy, then it is something I would sell" "

Embedding this concept in all aspects of the business has enabled Rice International to offer the leading range of rice products in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and other parts of the world. I am proud to claim that the entire staff at Rice International is dedicated to improving the quality of rice and creating a positive working environment.

All employees, machinery, and plants at Rice International are in compliance with health and safety regulations along with other labor and government policies. We redefine working as a team with our collaboration on making each process as optimal as possible.

Rice International is currently growing with developments underway for incorporate factory space to cater to the increasing demand of our produce. Our use of industry best techniques and latest technology has helped us improve the production of rice with better quality control.

The end result is top quality rice products at affordable prices that have fresh, tasty, and aromatic grains. This is me, Farhan Azeem Siddiqui, an owner of what was once a small business that has become the global powerhouse that it is today!

Farhan Azeem Siddiqui

Managing Director
Rice International Limited