About Us

About Rice International

Rice International is one of the emerging in production, cultivation, and export of rice products. Started as a small family business in 1997, Rice International is one of the most successful brands to emerge from South Asia. Growing paddy from the own fields, the firm maintains strict policies in terms of quality control export only the best produce.

Based out of Pakistan, Rice International is one of the largest contributors to the global export of rice in the region. As a dynamic organization, Rice International seeks to expand its global footprint and further improve the country's position in the international market.

The products that are available for export: IRRI-6, IRRI-9, PK-386, Super Kernel Basmati, and 1121 Basmati White and Steamed Rice are our best-selling products that have helped our brand become a household name in most parts of the world!

Our core values lie in producing the best quality rice products for our customers. Our standardized operations are based on industry's best practices which enable us to become a reliable trader in the food and agrarian sectors.

At Rice International, we treat customers with excellence in rice production, processing, packaging, and supply, giving you the finest range of rice. Our clientele enjoy working with us as we guarantee high standards in quality and commitment to develop strong business relationships that go beyond the traditional barriers in our sector.