Our Long Grain IRRI 9

IRRI 9-The Taste of Quality from South Asia

IRRI 9 Long Grain Rice is a type of medium-long grain non basmati rice that is commonly harvested from the Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan. IRRI 9 is one of the most popular types of rice products that have a large market in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Western and Southern Africa, and the Middle East. At Rice International, we provide the highest quality of IRRI 9 rice that passes through industry best processes in production, harvesting, processing, and packaging.

Facts About IRRI 9

IRRI 9 is generally confused with IRRI 6, which is strikingly similar to IRRI 9 in texture and is also in the long grain rice class. The visible difference between the these two rice types is that IRRI 9 is longer in size than IRRI 6, while IRRI 6 is wider in width than IRRI 9.

IRRI 9 is typically grown in the districts of Dadu, Larkana, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Jacobabad, Sahiwal, Okara, and Depalpur, with each district producing its own unique variation of the rice type. However, IRRI 9 is classified into two major varieties:

IRRI 6 Long Grain Rice has looks like IRRI 09 Long Grain Rice but it has a short grain size than the IRRI 09. IRRI 6 has Wider Width in comparison to the IRRI 09 Long Grain Rice.

  • IRRI 9 White Rice
  • IRRI 9 Parboiled Rice-Also known as SELLA

Despite that IRRI 9 rice is non basmati, it is still a white long grain rice type that is known for its distinct texture, length, and affordability. Compared to other long grain white rice varieties, IRRI 9 is known to cook easily without breaking, especially our variety.

What Makes Our IRRI 9 Long Grain Rice Different?

At Rice International, we aim to provide the highest quality of rice products for our local and international customers. Our IRRI 9 variety passes through a strict quality control check which helps us to ensure that each and every packaged product is up to international standards in production, processing, and nutritional value. This helps us serve the best IRRI 9 rice that is available in a wide range of packaging from 1 KG to more than 50 KG.

As one of the growing rice producers in Pakistan, we are now providing competitive rates with unprecedented quality in rice products. Our IRRI 9 varieties have become a favorite for our customers and business partners. Our approach to quality and best practices in production, processing, and packaging has helped us become one of the leading suppliers of IRRI 9 in Asia.

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