Why RI

Cultivating rice in our own fields to produce quality rice

At Rice International, we cultivate rice in our own fields to produce quality rice for consumption. Our fields are in a prime location, allowing the natural growth of the plants in the most natural environment. Our experts monitor the crops; ensuring the seedlings is settled at the perfect time, along with the use of water-controlling systems. Rice international ensures preventive measure in order to prevent crop from the pest attacks in peak season. Weeds are also controlled through flooding techniques in the cultivation.

Advance technology to maintains the quality of rice production

Rice International mill processes paddy obtained from the local farms. Processing capacity stands at 150,000 tons per annum. The state-of-the-art machinery available provides quick turnaround for the paddy which means that rice from the mill will end up quickly and efficiently in the market. For rice processing, raw rice also goes through de-stoning process to remove any remaining foreign particles and color sorting to ensure consistency and quality in the product. In case of parboiling, rice also goes under steam-drying process and general milling machinery to be sorted out well before the packing.

Maximum Ability to produce rice as per customer need

Rice international cautiously selects raw material for processing, as the best-processing requires the strongest paddy which we take from the upper region of Sind province. Also, the state-of-the-art facility helps us to achieve our targets. All products undergo stringent quality checks and test to deliver customer the best they deserve. In order to help maximize the production, Rice International ensures refined processing techniques and quality assurance. This allows us, as a company, to produce premium quality grains to meet the customer’s requirement.

Our Team

Rice international takes pride in its dedicated specialist team who monitors the quality of input and ensures that every grain is of top quality. Team compromises of skilled individuals who are expert in their fields’ right from a farmer to the shipping personnel. We have in-house quality analyzer and laboratory that keep a check over the processing process. Every hour, our analyzer takes the sample from the processing and takes it to the lab for quality check, that is why we are 100% sure of our quality and claim that every grain that is reached to you are of the best quality.