Our values


Rice international assures great customer service from start of a production to the finished product. Our advisers will answer the queries you have about our product, and work out the best possible purchase for you. We work with our customers to ensure their needs are met and they are fully satisfied with all purchases.

Commitment to deliver

We are committed to ensure each and every customer who trades with us is satisfied. We are fully dedicated to deliver the best produce after extensive quality check.

Quality at Excellence

Quality Assurance is our prime commitment. We nurture our rice from seedlings to harvest, ensuring they are well looked after and maintained. Post-harvest, the grains are dried and stored through numerous quality controls, ensuring we deliver the best produce possible.

Clear Accountability

Rice International takes the responsibility to account for all its activities and maintain the standards for proper working conditions. All employees, machinery, and plants at Rice International are in compliance with health and safety measures.

Premium Product at Competitive Price

Rice international Pvt. Ltd. is committed to provide top quality rice at competitive price to generate maximum values for our customers. We are extensively investing in research and production capacity to improve our product quality and to enhance its processing efficiency.