Exporting Globally

At Rice International, we ship IRRI 6, IRRI 9, PK-386, Super Kernel Basmati & 1121 Basmati to the world;

Rice International provides its customers the best quality and ongoing trust. Rice International has expanded to over 14 countries spread over 4 continents from Asian markets to African trade centers to South American hubs and Australian Industries to European Hubs.

An increasing demand of rice, Rice International has reached out to countries such as China, Benin, Togo, Tanzania, Russia, Chili, Kenya, Ukraine, Europe and many more, despite any language barriers and thousands of miles away we have successfully executed our trade and reached out to the market with our best quality rice.

Rice International's export has increased over the period of last few years, and we aim to achieve the goal of exporting over 0.5 million tonnes annually by 2020.

An approach of delivering only the best, Rice International has soared high among its trade competitors and stands true to its core values. This comes from continual quality check and discipline that enables us to provide only the best of the best for customer satisfaction.