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Import Rice

Rice International is one of the leading Rice exporters of Pakistan has grown into an organization which is recognized for its remarkable performance and supply of high quality rice to the customers.

Rice production in Pakistan not only constitutes an important part Agriculture but also plays a central role in national economy. Being the eleventh largest rice producer in the world after China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Philippines, Brazil and Japan, Pakistan produces an average of 6 million tons of rice each year.

Along with other South Asian countries, Pakistan accounts for about 30 percent of the paddy rice output across the globe. Most of the rice crops are grown in the fertile regions of the Punjab and Sind with hundreds of thousands of people depending solely on rice cultivation as their major source of income.

Among the most famous rice varieties grown in Pakistan, Basmati rice tops the list due to its flavor and quality.

Importing Rice from Rice International

Since the inception of Rice International, we have been providing great customer oriented import services to all our clients which have brought us respect and recognition for our dedicated services! Whilst others take this job too easy, we do not, we focus on providing the best to all our clients while keeping principles and professionalism on top!

With the finest quality rice paddies and innovative use of the technology, we consistently produce top quality rice that has helped us gain a large customer base and a name synonymous with quality. Rice International would like to become a quality supplier to its customers. You can count on us for all your import needs.

To begin, you need to select a freight agent in order to make the import for you and they will lodge the documents with customs and make the customs entry for you.

To ensure complete satisfaction, feel free to request free samples.

Samples can be arranged and sent to you by Air Cargo on the 'Freight Collected Basis'.

We promise to return you the courier cost by deducting the amount from your first order with us.

Most of our rice products are exported in bulk to different regions of the world, where we can take advantage of the quality of rice in competitive markets.

At Rice International, we have developed a fully integrated business model adding value throughout the supply chain, right from rice seeding to rice production and packaging and sales in the local and international market.

Import Rice from Rice International to Asian Territories;

Rice International is a full line exporter of the finest quality rice varieties available across the globe. We are glad to have paved the way to being the most preferred source of rice imports, and we are grateful to our clients for that.

At Rice International, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure everyone who uses our services an extremely high standard of production and to make an ongoing effort to offer reasonable prices as well as carry out all order accurately without any delays.

We offer premium quality rice products with prompt shipments and delivery to Asian territories including Singapore, China, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia to name just a few. Through intermittent research, and staying updated with the latest in rice production and export services, we aim to;

Improve value and precision of our services

Constantly seek new possibilities to boost efficiency of our services

Take flexibility, work performance and speed up a notch every time you choose us

Provide extended services which will enable us to exceed customer satisfaction.

Import Rice to European Territories;

Whether you are a small dealer or a big supplier, we can take care of all your rice supply needs with top quality rice products. Our R&D department focuses on improving seed varieties that are intended at improving the yield factor but also offer superior quality for highly demanding markets as well.

Because of the high percentage of rice exports coming from only a few countries, the international rice market is highly vulnerable to disruptions in supply from major exporting countries leading to higher global rice prices.

Compared to importing from major rice exporting countries, importing rice from Pakistan is not cost effective as well as economical. Being one of the most important producers of rice, you can trust us for all your rice imports needs.

We offer premium rice products with prompt delivery and shipments to European territories including United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, France, and Holland, to name just a few.

Import Rice to American Territories;

Our skilled team and its considerably substantial experience always comes up to client expectations, by coming up with innovative solutions. This way, we do not only improve the performance but we also ensure that we work out for you in the long run.

You can truly count on Rice International for all your rice import needs. Our in depth knowledge enables us to deliver timely and quick services whilst keeping the principles of quality and professionalism on top.

Although equipped with the latest technology, we take careful steps in fulfilling all international quality standards and regulations. At Rice International, we believe in team work and utilizing it to deliver only the best.

Whether you are a big supplier, a small dealer or a company, you can rely on our import services for all your rice supply needs.

We offer premium rice products with prompt delivery and shipments to the American region including North America and South America.