Tajdaar Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice

The Subcontinent is blessed by being the only region where Basmati rice is produced naturally. This has made Pakistan one of the most popular rice producing markets in the world, renowned globally for quality and consistency. Basmati rice is the most popular grain of rice in the world, known for its scent and taste. It is known as the king of rice, because it is unparalleled in quality.

For the rulers of the dinner table, the mothers, wives and daughters diligently devoted to the health of their families, Tajdaar offers perfection in taste, nutrition, and the simple, over looked joy of a home cooked meal that the family can feast on.

With its grain size being ideal for every meal, taste, aroma and austerity amongst food connoisseurs, Basmati rice is a popular choice for daily consumption amongst Pakistanis, and Tajdaar Rice provides the perfect blend to attain perfection in your daily menu. We strive to bring perfection to your life and your meals by providing a nearly perfect blend of Basmati rice that you can add to your daily diet and enjoy each meal like never before.

The most important process in Tajdaar’s journey from paddy to plate is the one that cannot be compromised: Time. Every strand is allowed to age and mature for at least 16 months, when the taste and aroma reach the highest level, before being processed and packed. This ensures not only that Tajdaar Rice is of the best quality in the market, but also that every meal is an enticing experience.

Tajdaar rice is processed and packed under the highest global standards of the food and beverage industry: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, GMP and HACCP