Tajdaar Basmati Rice

For crown and country

In the beginning, there was the distinction.

The distinction of being well fed, of enjoying only the best when it came to home cooked meals, and the distinction of providing one's family with only the highest quality of both food and quality of life. Because all quality of life starts from the dinner table.

And who knows better about the quality of life than those who reign in kitchens? From Pakistan to around the world, it is the mothers, wives and daughters who are the ultimate crown bearers of every family's health and happiness.

This is the world that Tajdaar Rice envisioned, and the world that we have started to work towards with the launch of our flagship brand, Tajdaar Super Kernel Basmati Rice. At Tajdaar, we dedicate ourselves to reviving the days when great quality food was just that - great.

Tajdaar Super Kernel Basmati Rice

The premium quality Super Kernel Basmati Rice from Tajdaar is allowed to age for 16 months before packing and processing, allowing it to dry completely and making it non-sticky to give you the best results when cooking.